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Man Captures Insane Footage Of UFOs Flying Over The Poland Skies

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A man claims that he recorded a series of “UFOs” in the sky. The event took place in the city of Kielce, located in southern Poland.

The alleged existence of UFOs is one of the most widespread and popular theories in the world. In these last few days, a video went viral that attracted a lot of attention from users. It was filmed by a man who professes to have seen dozens of these unknown objects in the sky.

The event took place in the city of Kielce, located in Poland. According to local media, the resident bought a night vision lens and captured dozens of UFOs in the clouds.

“It seems that these are not artificially created by someone aircraft, but some form of unknown matter similar to plasma, but this matter is alive. And these extraterrestrial creatures fly hundreds in the earthly atmosphere,” the owner of the footage expressed.

“The observer from the ground without special equipment is not visible to these objects, but become visible when using infrared filters for night shooting,” he explained about the video below:

How could it be otherwise, the video became extremely popular on different platforms. In fact, it was commented by the millions of fans of astronomy and other unexplained events. “It’s incredible”, “This video is spectacular”, “Wow”, “Very good video” were just some of the messages that could be read in the viral publication.


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